List of Figures

2.1 ZL implementation of vector template class
3.1 Overview of ZL’s parsing process.
3.2 How ZL compiles a simple program.
3.3 Simplified PEG grammar.
4.1 Procedural macro version of or macro from Section 2.2ZL Tutoriallikechapter.1.
4.2 Basic macro API.
4.3 Syntax object API.
4.4 Syntax list API.
4.5 Match and replace API.
4.6 Mark API.
4.7 Expander API.
4.8 Compile time reflection API.
4.9 Misc API functions.
4.10 Macro to fix the size of a class.
6.1 Example code to illustrate how hygiene is maintained.
6.2 Example code to show how hygiene is maintained when a macro expands to another macro.
6.3 Visibility API.
7.1 Symbol properties syntax and API.
8.1 User type and module API.
8.2 User type builder API.
8.3 Overview of the StringBuf class.
8.4 Overview of the symbol API

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